Relevant, Refreshing and Ready-To-Go, Christmas Decorating Trends & Themes for 2021

by Audrey Byrne on December 02, 2021

Why get excited about Christmas decorating trends and themes this year? Well, it’s been an interesting few months to say the least and you know what? We deserve to enjoy Christmas in all its glory.

So we’ve pulled together some relevant, refreshing and ready-to-go Christmas decorating ideas to get your teeth into this year.

This Blog is For The Christmas-Lovers

For some of us it means making sure we squeeze the juice from this colourful sparkly feel-good season. For some of us it means decorating our homes thoughtfully, with our families and in good times.

It means hitting the ground running come December 1st and making sure we’ve got all our Christmas cards ready, our shopping list at hand and the Christmas decorating supplies stocked and ready.

But First: How to Decide on a Christmas Decoration Theme?

We found some great advice from Woman and Home Magazine on How to Decorate for Christmas according to Interior Designers.

Context, Safety and Christmas Decorating

The key advice is to be contextual and conscious of the space you have to work with in your home. So let’s think about what that means:

  • Don’t decorate in such a way that it clutters up your living space - for example don’t have too many decorations that clog up much needed surfaces on worktops or where guests are being served.
  • Be sure that it is relevant to your family situation. How you live. For example, be aware of younger children for whom certain expensive, small-sized or breakable decorations may be a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Be aware of Fire Safety - for example don’t place your tree next to the radiator where it will dry out or flammable materials too close to the fireplace.
  • Don’t know where to begin? Have limited time and patience? Focus on one key statement area in the home like your living room where the Tree and Hearth resides as this will be the focal point of your Yuletide celebrations.

1.The Simplest Theme?

Aim For The LATEST Christmas Colour Trends Of Course!

Even if you’ve chosen a Christmas decorating theme, don’t be too rigidly stuck to the aesthetic and personalise it to suit your existing decor and taste.

Here’s a tip - when pulling together disparate Christmas decorations you’ve accumulated over the years, try sticking to a colour theme to keep things looking coordinated.

This means decorative additions or random accessories don’t jar with one another - without a colour theme, you’re in danger of creating a cluttered kitschy look.

  • There is always the traditional red, green and gold metallics to build from of course but it's only the beginning…

There are however, other Christmas Colourtrend Projections for 2021 that tie in with our decor themes below

  • Traditional palettes can be a starting point for something new. For example, Gold forms the base for an opulent theme filled with other metallics. Match it with blue for a celestial theme or with jewel colours for an Byzantium vibe.
  • According to Ivy&Bee Interiors - there will be a focus on Nature themed colours. This ties in with the Earth Color trend laid out by trend forecasterscom. The back-to-nature theme means softer muted colours with tones pulled from flora, fauna and raw materials.
  • Contemporary Looks will be picking up on more playful Statement Saturated Brights, or pops of neon - here’s an example mood board from MCO Trend


2. Have Yourself an Other-Worldly Christmas

The colour blue and all it evokes is the most contemporary trend to emerge in the last year as it is the furthest thing from the traditional colours we associate with Christmas.

Pair trendy gold metallics or silver with moody dark blues for a celestial look or go with earthy teals and pearl for a contemporary under the sea theme.

Look To The Stars This Christmas

According to Steph Briggs it's all about sky and space - a timely trend at a time when space rockets are lifting off on a regular basis and we have the pleasure of celebrating the long winter nights.

The celestial theme is all about the sparkle - so bring out the gold, silver and glitter - celebrate the sun, moon and stars. Perfect for the dreamy astrologers or the future-forward sci-fi fans.

Bring the Seaside Inside

This is a kooky albeit nature-focused trend could be all about our desire to visit the beach in a year when overseas travel may not be an option.

The Seaside-Fantasy look is all about the pairing mother of pearl, earthy shell tones and translucent iridescence to create an other-worldy Christmas


3.Go Rustic With ScandiCraft & CottageCore

This trend should appeal to those of us feeling a bit sickened by the proliferation of plastic trash and disposable mass consumption of factory generated tat.

Scandi Christmas Decor

This Christmas trend ticks all the boxes - the pared down minimalist look, the use of natural materials like wood and yarn, the emphasis on handcrafting and homemade objects and the evocation of a Hygge-aesthetic.

A true testament to Scandi soft power thanks to places like Sostrene Grene and Ikea infusing global tastes with their traditional nordic aesthetic.

What does it look like? Check out this gorgeous article Scandinavian Christmas Decor Ideas by

Cottagecore styling

Just like those Little-house-On-The-Prairie style autumn dresses in the shops , we predict a desire for homely rustic looks that come with a host of home crafting projects you could engage in the build to Christmas with the kids.

This comes with an homage to all things rural and natural in terms of forest motifs like Owls, Stags, Robins and Foxes. There will be the return to our pagan roots using natural foliage and botanic motifs like toadstools and berries.

We predict the return of handsewn quilts and embroidered elements to our soft Christmas furnishings and decorative elements too.

Think of an Enchanted Forest and of all the fairy magic it brings...and add a dash of sparkle to top things off.

What does it look like?

Check out this love spread in THE MOOD GUIDE where we pull these images from.


4. The New Nostalgia and Vivid Vintage looks

The Nutcracker Suite

This theme is the perfect go-to when you’re looking to evoke an antique - themed Christmas and all the Ottoman - Victorian nostalgia it brings forth. ‘s latest interview with Brown Thomas Buyers reveals the limitless popularity of this theme which has been given an update this year. This is a theme filled with vintage imagery and pops of vivid jewel colours.

There’s even a lovely article on How Nutcrackers Became a Classic Christmas Decoration in Better Homes and Garden Magazine.

Go Retro

Where second hand purchases are being made some of us will sourcing Christmas home accessories and tableware made from found pieces to add to our Retro Christmas Themes..

We will be looking for retro gems in vintage shows, flea markets or internet auctions to complement our Retro themes.

There are many decades, indeed centuries, to choose from.

5. Sustainability Reigns Supreme

Our big prediction for Genz, millennial or boomer is that sustainability never gets old. This zeitgeist means that even the smallest details of Christmas decor will be focused on recycling, upcycling, reusability and natural material - something that is expressed in most of the trends this year.

Thanks to COP26 some of us will be toning down our acquisition of new decorations, and resorting to mending old ones.

Wrap It Up Well

Reusable wrapping paper or recyclable wrapping paper will be big. Consider natural fibers like hessian and burlap sacks as well as recycled paper from newspapers. Why not try the traditional Japanese route of using fabric wrapping styles as seen in as an alternative.

DIY Handmade Decor Does Less Harm

There are a plethora of ways you can create your own Christmas craft decorations.

For more ideas to keep you going before our next list check out these Tips for a More Sustainable Christmas stay tuned for future blog on this topic...

#Shoplocal, #MadeLocal

The era of more conscious Christmas shopping will make its presence felt.

Apart from natural materials as seen on our CottageCore trend, the idea of a #madelocal handcrafted Christmas will shine through this year.

We will be buying into a more artisanal Christmas and choosing more and more to support local stores rather than risk Brexit-led custom charges or pandemic-led shipping delays.

What Are Your Festive Decorating Plans?

So how will you be decorating your home for Christmas and which teams are you partial to? Did we miss a big one? Share your proven Christmas decorating tips with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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