How To Give Your Outdoor Living Space a Garden Furniture Update

by Audrey Byrne on May 12, 2022


As the spring blossoms start to mature and the brighter evenings beckon, no doubt some of us will yearn for time in our outdoor living space and better garden furniture.

Some of you may be building a transitory pergola space, covered verandah or conservatory space to bask in the new seasonal sunshine.

Ultimately better looking or updated garden furniture will be a worthwhile investment as we look fondly outdoors and start planning our new sunlit living spaces.

Here’s a quick look at how to audit the garden furniture you already have, how to look after your garden furniture and some garden furniture designs to consider.


Do An Audit of Your Garden Furniture


If you are thinking of investing in new garden furniture or looking to expand your transitional indoor-outdoor space in the back of your home, best to do an audit of what you have got first.

This may reveal more cost-effective tactics you can take to upgrade the look of your outdoor living area and makeover what you have already got.

It makes for a more coordinated living space.

  • Do you have existing furniture that can be updated with a new coat of weather resistant paint or wood stain and polish?
  • Does your garden furniture set need new upholstery or new/extra seat cushions to give it an updated brighter look.
  • Is there a simple fix you can make to restore broken or older fixtures, for example:
    • new casters
    • new legs
    • reinforcing slats or panels with new ones

When buying new pieces it also makes sense to make sure what you procure matches with the well-loved pieces you already have or matches the existing materials and colour scheme.

Protecting And Restoring Your Garden Furniture

If there’s one thing an Irish Garden will guarantee, it’s an abundant supply of rain, hail and sleet. And that’s just in the summertime! What’s more there are birds and pests that may also be attacking your furniture in the cooler months or when you are away.

Suffice it to say - if you are investing in your garden furniture this year, garden furniture covers should be your next port of call.

Use Garden Furniture Covers

There are basic garden furniture covers on the market.

Look for a durable weather resistant material like heavy duty polyethylene. This ensures the cover is UV resistant & waterproof. It should provide year round protection for your furniture set

For example, this Garden Furniture Cover for a 4 Seater Round table is ideal for small circular tables and up to four chairs.

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Alternatively you can learn how to sew your own version like in this excellent guide on How to Make Patio Furniture Covers by

Restoring Wooden Garden Furniture

Here at Homevalue there are quite a few easy cleaning and restoration products that will come in handy

Wooden Garden Furniture can be restored with the reintroduction of natural oils lost through weathering. This protects wood from greying. Use existing oil products to provide long-lasting nourishing protection to garden furniture.

Some products also add a natural hint colour or deeper wood stain a rich colour to highlight the beauty of the wood whilst also providing all-weather protection from the sun and rain. You can get the wood stains in specific finishes to mici various types of wood and also opt for a matt finish.

  • When applying protective chemicals or oils use Furniture Cloths that are ideal for the application of garden oils. Make sure these are lint free so no fibres will be left in the finish.

Garden Furniture Options

Furniture for Small and Incidental Spaces

If you have a simple urban backyard or a corner of a larger garden that needs to exploit a sun trap, or a vista, consider investing in weatherproof metal bench with a back for resting against.

Go for a simple wrought iron finish in black that seats 2 is all you need. There are ornate or contemporary minimalist styles. These benches tend to be very low maintenance and durable.

For a spot closer to the house you can get very trendy and aim for a 2-seater rattan egg chair for a touch of glamour. Perfect for curling up with a book or napping outside

2 Seater Chair and Table Sets

If you have a tiny patio or balcony and want to do just more than just enjoy the vista - perhaps have a spot of tea for 2 or breakfast? Then invest in a 2 seat chair and table set.

Perfect for urban yards, a sunlit paved corner of a larger garden, pergola-covered space or under a gazebo, these could also come in handy if you have a small front verandah.

Look for styles that are easy to store or stack with a finish on the table that does not attract moss and is easy to wipe down.

For example our out-door rattan bistro set part of The Garden Collection comes with a round glass table that will complement any garden. Or you can opt for a more traditional looking yet very hardy Victorian Style Bronze Bistro Set that is easy to wipe down.

If you need extra chairs or have just enough room for one or 2 in a very tight space or balcony then consider using foldable chairs such as the Seville Mosaic 2 Seater Set. The ideal set comes of foldable table and chairs for easy storage.

4 and 6 Seater Chair and Table Dining Sets

A 4 Seater Metal Bronze Set is a decent upgrade for those with more space and more family members looking to have their tea alfresco! You can even get this in a 6 seater option. A hardy and stylish bistro option for those looking for furniture that needs minimal minding.

4 Seater Lounger Sets

Should you have a larger verandah, patio or wide decking area go for a 4 seater lounger set that will give you 2 separate single chairs and a double seater ‘loveseat’ like our Stockholm Lounger Set in brown rattan.

This gives your space a proper outdoor living room feel. A perfect starter set for families who regularly entertain in outdoor barbecues looking for more comfortable and substantial furniture. It will even work in a larger conservatory space indoors.

Look for styles with seat cushions or if these don’t come with your set you can supplement them with water resistant seat cushions to make it a more comfortable set. 

Incidental Garden Furniture & Entertaining Accessories

Have you got a lot of outdoor entertaining in your summer schedule at home? Have a quick look at our Seville Mosaic Drinks Table. It is perfect for extra table space and bottle storage during drinks parties, indoors or outdoors.

If you need a more stylish and ornamental way of displaying your potted plants vertically whether it's in a balcony or small patio short of floor space then consider the Bordeaux Mosaic Plant Stand. This mosaic three shelf rack with taupe powder coated frame gives an lovely art nouveau feel to your space.

Both these pieces come with matching table and chair bistro sets.

If you need a singular table that is ideal for beach days and picnics, get one that folds for easy transport, then consider a simple Tavolo Folding Table. It will come in handy at outdoor parties for those extra drinks in the garden


Need to Source Some Garden Furniture & Accessories?


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